Former D.C. Tax Examiner Admits To Stealing $400K In Tax Refunds

A former tax examiner for the Washington, D.C. government was efficient enough at collecting funds, but not so great at handing them over to her employer. That was the case for a woman who pleaded guilty to wire fraud, swiping $400,000 over four years in fraudulent refunds.

According to The Washington Post, she aces up to 63 months in prison for the offense. Prosecutors say she manipulated four peoples’ accounts without their knowledge and messed with their numbers to credit them for fraudulent tax refunds. When the refunds came in, she had the money transferred to accounts she operated. The woman did the same thing for five others who ended up pocketing a total of $45,000 in false refunds.

The D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue canned the woman in June after it detected the fraud.

Former D.C. tax examiner admits refund fraud [The Washington Post]

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