DOT Investigates Airlines For Not Disclosing Fees On Their Websites

Starting August 23rd, airlines were supposed to start being more upfront on their websites about the fees they charge you. Guess what? They didn’t.

The new rule requires that there be a very visible link on the airline’s web page which tells you all the fees for optional services. The Huffington Post reviewed the sites of seven different airlines. Only two of them, American Airlines and Virgin America, had a link. AA’s was at the bottom of the page and called “optional charges.” Virgin’s was on their front page and was listed as “Fees.”

Now the Department of Transportation is investigating, reports the Huffington Post. They didn’t release the names of the specific airlines under review. They won’t do so until a civil complaint is filed.

Exclusive: Government Investigating Airlines for Not Disclosing Fees [Huffington Post]

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