This Tasty Looking Breakfast Is Actually Dessert

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what the clock says — you just want dessert. Well here’s a plate of delectable treats that won’t have people asking you why you’re eating dessert for breakfast.

Vicky from concocted this bit of illusory cuisine, replacing a fried egg with panna cotta and lemon curd, hash browns with panko brioche jam sandwiches, baked beans with mini white chocolate biscuits in an orange and strawberry coulis, breakfast sausage with a caramelized peanut butter sponge cake, and ditching blood sausage in favor of chocolate biscuit cake.

And while we’re impressed with how Vicky was able to replicate bacon by using brandy snaps, some of us believe that bacon should have stayed because it is the most delicious thing in the entire universe.

Breakfast for Dinner… Part 1 []
Breakfast for Dinner… Part 2 [ via Buzzfeed]

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