Virgin Galactic Brings First Commercial Spaceport To New Mexico

Space! We’re all going to space! OMGYAY! Well, maybe not just yet, but the very first commercial spaceport has been opened in New Mexico, thanks to veryrichman Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic.

Called “Spaceport America,” Virgin Galactic’s LEED certified bit of design is also equipped with geothermal heating and cooling, in case it needed to get any neater than already being the first spaceport ever.

A statement on the company site (via Forbes) announced the opening:

“Today is another history-making day for Virgin Galactic,” said Sir Richard Branson. “We are here with a group of incredible people who are helping us lead the way in creating one of the most important new industrial sectors of the 21st century. We’ve never wavered in our commitment to the monumental task of pioneering safe, affordable and clean access to space, or to demonstrate that we mean business at each step along the way.”

The official name of the terminal is the “Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space,” a moniker which was announced by Branson’s two children while rappelling together from the roof the building.

Everyone wants to go to infinity and beyond, it seems, as 150 have already ponied up deposits on the $200,000 tickets into space and 430 hold reservations.

Sir Richard Branson and New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez dedicate the Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space [Virgin Galactic]

Virgin Galactic Opens World’s First Commercial Spaceport in New Mexico [Forbes]

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