BlackBerry Outage Apology: Here Are Some Free Apps You Might Not Want

In an attempt to placate millions of BlackBerry users who suffered service outages for up to three days last week, the smartphone’s makers, Research in Motion, have announced they’ll offer up a $100 credit for certain apps. Yay…?

The announcement of the credit for the online store, made Monday, says the New York Times, might not go that far into making amends to those who were inconvenienced by last week’s massive outages. Because, well, not everyone with a BlackBerry even uses apps.

In addition, only 12 apps were announced to be available at no cost, although RIM says they’ll had more before the downloading period begins Wednesday. Apps aren’t really seen as valuable additions to the BlackBerry, unlike the appeal of those on the iPhone or Android devices.

As the NYT points out, it might be difficult to even spend the $100:

Indeed, if users opt for the less expensive, professional version of, which sells for $19.99, rather than the $79.99 “enterprise” version, and then buy all of the other apps on the list released on Monday, they will have spent only $76. Even that seems unlikely as some of those apps perform similar functions.

For corporations and governments affected, RIM is giving out technical support for free for a month.

RIM Offers Free Apps as Apology for Shutdown [New York Times]

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