iPhone Owners Complaining About Yellow Screens Again

Back in 2008, Apple faced a minor controversy when some iPhone 3G owners complained of yellow screens. Well, everything old is new again, as the screens on some iPhone 4S devices have buyers seeing yellow.

Unlike the 2008 issue, which was more pronounced, these iPhone 4s users are talking about screen images looking washed out and complaining that the whites have a yellowish tint.

Writes one user on the Apple forums:

My 4S screen is less contrasty, and the whites are more yellow (beyond “warm”) compared to my iPhone 4 screen. The colors are less vibrant, and some are pretty washed out. I’ve also noticed that the screen is more directional than the 4 screen, and in some viewing angles it’s more yellow, and in others it’s more contrasty.

Some believe the yellowish tint may be due to glue that has not completely dried. If so, the color issue should go away on its own.

In previous instances of genuinely yellow iPhones and iPads, Apple has been known to replace the devices with ones that don’t have the jaundiced tint.

If your iPhone 4S is looking a bit ill, Cnet suggests you give it time to see if it is indeed a glue problem. If it doesn’t clear up, you’ll probably want to give Apple a call or head over to the Apple Store to show them in person.

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