Target Manager Sues, Says Was Fired For Working Through Lunch

An ex-Target manager is suing his former employer, accusing the retailer of firing him for working during his lunch break. Ironically, he says it was retaliation for the complaints he had made about being denied uninterrupted breaks.

The lawsuit claims he was fired after his supervisors observed him “performing work activities” while not clocked in. This violated Target’s break policies. However, the suit claims that while Target’s employees are forbidden from working off the lock, Target’s physical time clocks don’t let employees clock back in from break until after 30 minutes.

The manager claims that he was was forced to work more than 40 hours a week without receiving overtime pay and he often had to turn off the clock and then have to shut down the store.

“Target is committed to following all state and federal laws,” a Target spokesperson told Huffington Post, refraining from commenting further as the litigation is pending.

Read the lawsuit (PDF)
Target Manager Says He Was Fired ‘Ironically’ For Working Through Lunch [Huffington Post] (Thanks to Simon!)

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