No Amount Of Drunkenness Will Turn A Taco Into Your I.D.

Grabbing whatever is around is not going to get you far when the police ask for your I.D. Even if it’s a delicious taco! A man in Florida tried the taco trick, handing one over to officers after he was asked for I.D.

He also happened to have passed out in his car in the drive-thru lane at Taco Bell, says the L.A. Weekly, and his engine had caught fire. So, he wasn’t having a great night and then he lost a taco, to boot!

A few beers in, the 30-year-old-man did what anyone does after a bit of a bender, and headed for the Taco Bell. Right after he got his order, he passed out, and the rest, they say, is taco history.

Cops told him his taco wasn’t a valid form of I.D., so he responded by laughing and then chowing down on said taco. Meanwhile, his foot on the accelerator while he slept caused the engine to catch fire. He was booked on DUI charges, no word if they allowed him to finish his snack.

Drunk Florida Man Tries to Use Taco as I.D. [LA Weekly]

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