Survey: We're Eating More Fast Food But Going To Restaurants Less Frequently

Personal budgets remain tight, so fewer Americans are dining out at full-service restaurants. But on the speedier side of the food service industry, fast food sales are up, according to new reports.

The folks at Bloomberg have released their restaurant indices, and while its numbers for the quick service (aka fast food) industry is up 4% this year, full service restaurants are down 9% from 2010.

According to Bloomberg, sales at U.S. McDonald’s restaurants have increased in the area of 5% since last year, but the biggest gainer was Domino’s, whose “okay, we know we sucked but we promise our pizzas have gotten better” campaign has resulted in a 14% increase in sales in U.S. locations. Pizza Hut has fared well enough with a 5% increase, but Papa John’s effectively remained steady with a small .4% drop from 2010.

Domino’s ‘Brutally Honest’ Ads Attract Sales as Consumer Spending Falters [Bloomberg]