Get $12 In Chase Credit Card Balance Transfer Class Action

You can file to get $12 because of a settlement in a class action lawsuit against Chase which alleged the bank enticed customers with promo interest rates on balance transfers, but then didn’t do a good enough job of telling them when the rates would expire.

If you were a Chase credit card customer who took a promotional check or balance transfer offer between Jan 15, 2006 and Feb 28, 2010 and got hit with finance charges due to the promo period expiring, you’re eligible to file over at You have until 11/03/11 to make your claim.

You can also mail your form to

Milgram v. Chase Bank Settlement Administrator
c/o Gilardi & Co. LLC
P.O. Box 808061
Petaluma, CA 94975-8061 [via TopClassActions]


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  1. IgnoramusEtIgnorabimus says:

    LOL I paid more than that for this just this week, how about actual fines, I’m happy even if they give them to charity but a 1,000$ per account might actually mean something

  2. incident man stole my avatar says:

    7 years later I’m still waiting for settlement check because Visa didn’t disclose transaction fees for uising your card in foreign countries…. good luck getting your check

  3. oldwiz65 says:

    The people who really make money in these lawsuits are the attorneys.

  4. ScarletAnn says:

    Actually it’s more like “I’ll take 1/3 of everything plus all my firm’s expenses plus whatever else we can make up”
    So it works out more like forty-five to sixty percent ends up going the attorneys.

  5. crispyduck13 says:

    Well apparently they learned their lesson. I just did a balance transfer 2 months ago for a 0% promotion with Chase, and they told me the finance start date no less than 6 times on that phone call.

  6. Jevia says:

    Yeah, I’ll believe my credit when I see it. I submitted a claim for the Kellogs Rice Krispie cereal, but never received anything, except for a lot of emails from Kellogs marketing.

    • Rena says:

      Shouldn’t be legal to use your email for marketing like that. Sony did a similar trick with their rootkit “removal” program.

  7. Rena says:

    Woo. Twelve whole dollars. That’ll make things right.