Stuff You Can Do To Save Money Today

If you find yourself in tight financial times, your instinct will probably be to hunt around for ways to cut spending. While it’s tough to make sweeping changes that will result in major savings, you can feel better about yourself by culling together little ways to save here and there.

Bible Money Matters has several tips about how to start saving money right away, making small changes that can add up to significant savings in the long term. Among the recommendations are to save rather than trash leftovers, unplug electronic devices you aren’t using, call your cell phone service provider to negotiate a lower payment and downgrade your internet speed.

It’s easy to fall into money-wasting traps in your daily routines, so the writer also recommends you seek a fresh set of eyes to spot ways in which you can save.

10 Ways To Save Money Right This Second! [Bible Money Matters]

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