Microsoft Sets Up Hut Outside Apple Store To Poach Customers

Figuring that if you can’t bring others’ customers to you, it’s best to go to them, Microsoft is trying to draw interest in its new emporium by setting up a hut outside a Seattle Apple Store. The hut, which is promoting the Xbox 360’s Kinect peripheral, is an attempt to advertise an upcoming Microsoft store to the throngs of iPhone 4S buyers.

GeekWire reports the hut is pretty much a demo kiosk, acting as a carnival barker to get passers-by to try out Microsoft’s voice and motion-sensing device that has been known to destroy morons’ TVs.

Microsoft says traffic at its hut has been brisk, building interest for the new mothership, which will open close to the Apple Store, with only a parking lot separating the two.

Microsoft touts Kinect at tiny hut in shadow of Apple store [GeekWire via Slashdot]


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  1. rpm773 says:

    I saw the picture. I would call that a “shed”.

    I was hoping for something with a banana-leaf roof and walls made of bamboo. I think that would be a nice offset to the glassy and brushed aluminum look of Apple.

  2. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    I haven’t used the Kinect yet, but wouldn’t an out door setting be bad for demoing the voice command aspect?

  3. pop top says:

    Outraged Apple fanboy complaints commence!

    • Wasp is like Requiem for a Dream without the cheery bits says:

      I came here for the Apple bitching and the Apple fapping! I like my pleasure with a little pain.

    • BigDragon says:

      But the Kinect doesn’t compete with Apple products. If they were trying to push Windows Phones then outrage would be justified. I’d be outraged just having one used in front of me. Ugh, get an Android phone if you can’t afford an iPhone!

  4. Jawaka says:

    I suppose if it’s legal and not infringing on the Apple Store’s lease then good for them.

  5. legolex says:

    That Moron who destroyed his TV playing Kinect inspired me to always take down my fan doo-hickeys. I love the Kinect, anyone play that Fruit Ninja on it yet?

  6. EccentricJeff says:

    The body isn’t cold yet!

    • u1itn0w2day says:

      The body isn’t cold and the company is stll a overgrown greedy capitalist corporation. They didn’t get that way by not playing the game of capitalism. Competition one on one

  7. dosdelon says:

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Microsoft store at the Mall of America is right across the hallway from the Apple store…

    • zippy says:

      Every Microsoft store I’ve personally seen and every one I’ve seen in a news story has always been very close to an existing Apple store. I had to do a double take the first time I saw one because I’d just walked past the Apple store 2 or 3 doors down, because the Microsoft store looked like a near perfect clone of the Apple store. I was tempted to do a little experiment and see what they did if I walked in and asked about some Apple product.

  8. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    It’s a Microsoft Sukkah!

  9. Andreth says:

    In fairness, the Microsoft store there is going to be very near where the booth is, directly across from the Apple store.

  10. El Sabor Asiatico says:

    This is the saddest Microsoft-related story I’ve ever heard. They’ve gone from industry mammoth to being reduced to snatching crumbs off the table of the company they sneered at less than two decades ago.

  11. Out For Delivery says:

    The first Microsoft Store that opened in Bellevue Square Mall, Washington (about 10 minutes from Bill Gates’s house) is about 4 store-fronts down from the Apple Store. I’ve never seen more than 5 people in it.

  12. robnich says:

    First, I don’t see how they could poach iPhone 4S customers. They don’t have a competing product in this “shed”. The Kinect is not related to any existing Apple product.

    Second, iPhone buyers are not going to abandon purchasing an iPhone in order to pick up a Microsoft phone. I want to be nice, but Microsoft Phone’s customer base does not overlap much with iPhone’s. Once iPhone users get a look at the Microsoft offerings, they’re only going to get (hopefully polite) rejection. They should focus less on trying to win over Apple customers, and perhaps focus more on people who have an old phone and don’t know anything about the current phone market. At least then they have a chance at making a sale.