Microsoft Sets Up Hut Outside Apple Store To Poach Customers

Figuring that if you can’t bring others’ customers to you, it’s best to go to them, Microsoft is trying to draw interest in its new emporium by setting up a hut outside a Seattle Apple Store. The hut, which is promoting the Xbox 360’s Kinect peripheral, is an attempt to advertise an upcoming Microsoft store to the throngs of iPhone 4S buyers.

GeekWire reports the hut is pretty much a demo kiosk, acting as a carnival barker to get passers-by to try out Microsoft’s voice and motion-sensing device that has been known to destroy morons’ TVs.

Microsoft says traffic at its hut has been brisk, building interest for the new mothership, which will open close to the Apple Store, with only a parking lot separating the two.

Microsoft touts Kinect at tiny hut in shadow of Apple store [GeekWire via Slashdot]

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