When Buying A Mattress From Sears, Maybe Also Invest In A Truck

This probably isn’t news to you, Sears, but you’ve lost another customer for good. This time, it’s reader Jeff, who had a nice experience buying a mattress at his local Sears store, but a terrible experience trying to get the mattress delivered to his house. People do not enjoy taking a vacation day from work and then not having the delivery person show up. Four times.

So we finally decided to get a new mattress. Bought a nice King bed at the local sears and get home delivery as it was free…. what a total mistake – they proceeded to cancel 30-45 minutes before they were due to arrive FOUR times costing me 2 days vacation and two SAT AM’s spent waiting around the house. This was after they confirmed the night before and gave me a two hour window for delivery. Had so many excuses it was crazy. No mattress, no box spring, damaged goods…..

Finally got a hold of [redacted] at Sears Executive Team and she was totally useless – refused to change the delivery to the store, promised a $125 credit that I have yet to see, stated that her offer was the final offer and if I went to any other recourse she would not offer me anything in a very rude and confrontational manor.

I called my local sears store and with in 12 hours they had confirmed the mattress would be delivered to the store instead of my house – and the very next week I went to the store with my old box springs and picked up the new….. We had been delivered only the mattress some 3 weeks before…

Local store was great – Sears corporate was one of the worst experiences I have EVER had with a company – enough so I will likely never shop there again……..

We’d offer some resources, but all of them ultimately lead to the same executive team at Sears that has already failed to help Jeff.