Refer A Friend To DirecTV? Make Sure You Got Your Referral Bonus

Have you referred your friends, family, or neighbors to DirecTV recently, unable to resist the lure of the $100 referral bonus for both you and the new customer? It’s a great deal: when the referral fee actually shows up on your account. Robin warns that he still hasn’t received his fee from referring a neighbor, and he’s not alone.

I recently referred my neighbors to switch to DirecTV after telling them about the free NFL Sunday Ticket offer and the fact that I was getting more channels than my previous service provider for less money. I also let them know that by using me as a referral, we would both get $10 off our monthly bills for 10 months, as they have been advertising to help get people to switch over, and, in essence, incentivize their customers to act as salespeople for them. I even gave my neighbor the special # to call and the customer service rep that signed them up said that they noted my info so that we would get credit for the referral.

Surely enough, no credit was applied to our accounts. When I called up, they said they could see it had been noted but that it could take up to 10 days to post. I called over 2 weeks later when my new billing cycle started and the customer service rep told me they had no record of the referral and that they could not do anything since it has t
o be applied at the time my neighbor signed up, which is what we did.

After speaking with a supervisor and still getting nowhere, I decided to Google the issue to see if I was the only one. Sure enough, there were plenty of posts about people who had the same problem which was never resolved.

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