Best Buy: Where Dice & Playing Cards Are School Supplies

From knowing when to double down in Blackjack to earning lunch money playing Liar’s Poker, I learned a lot of things in elementary and middle school that weren’t part of the curriculum (and which even now will probably make my mother blush in shame). So maybe Best Buy is just being honest when it advertises dice and decks of playing cards as school supplies.

When Consumerist reader DW was strolling through his local Atlanta-area Best Buy, he noticed that one entire bin in the school supplies display was dedicated to cards and dice.

“I thought at first it was a case of simply misplacing items while stocking shelves,” DW writes. “But the bar code stickers above the bin make it pretty clear that someone decided that dice and playing cards counted as ‘school supplies.’… Maybe they’ll be useful for course work in probability and statistics.”
BestBuySchoolSupplies-1 - 10-11-11.jpg
BestBuySchoolSupplies-2 - 10-11-11b.jpg

These will go great with the beer pong training set and these back-to-school shot glasses.

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