Report: Whitney Houston Almost Booted From Delta Flight For Refusing To Buckle Up

Yet another non-Kevin-Smith famous person reportedly came oh-so-close to being kicked off a flight. This time, it’s apparently singer Whitney Houston who was almost given the heave-ho from a Delta flight for refusing to buckle her seatbelt.

According to TMZ, the ’80s and ’90s icon was getting on a Delta flight in Atlanta yesterday when witnesses say crew members told her to buckle up or she’d have to leave the plane.

TMZ says the singer “eventually allowed one of the crew members to grab the buckle and fasten it,” allowing the plane to take off into the wild blue yonder.

The folks at HuffPo tried to get a comment from Delta but got no response.

In late September, L Word actress Leisha Hailey said she was scolded by a Southwest Flight Attendant for kissing her girlfriend during a flight. A few weeks earlier, Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day was kicked off a Southwest flight over his saggy pants.

Whitney Houston Almost Kicked Off Delta Flight In Seat Belt Scuffle [HuffPo via]

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