Cops Leave Warnings On Unlocked Cars

Residents of Beverly, MA, who leave their car doors unlocked have been coming back to their parked vehicles to find a written scolding from local authorities attempting to cut down on crime.

The police in Beverly spent last weekend going through the area and checking for unlocked cars to see just how many people were leaving their vehicles unsecured and to increase awareness that an unlocked car is a target for thieves.

If they spotted an unlocked car — which they say was about 1-in-5 vehicles they tried — they not only left a warning notice on the windshield, but also locked the doors when they left.

The police say they did receive a few angry calls, including some from people who had left their keys inside their cars and now couldn’t open the doors.

“It’s a little creepy, but I think that it has best intentions,” one resident tells WBZ-TV.

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