Nissan Developing Car That Guesses When You're About To Make A Turn

Nissan is collaborating with the same batch of Swiss scientists that developed a wheelchair users can move with their brain to make a car that “reads your mind.”

According to The Guardian, you won’t be able to drive it without using your hands, but the project’s aim is to create an automobile that uses what is called a brain-machine interface (BMI) to take a read on the driver’s intent and ready the car’s systems accordingly.

For instance, it could look at several mind-body cues and guess that you’re about to make a left turn, and then adjust speed and positioning accordingly. The car would do this with a camera that analyzes eye movements, by measuring your brain activity, and scanning the surroundings around the car.

The project is a collab between Nissan the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.

Project lead Professor José del R Millán told The Guardian the hope is “to blend driver and vehicle intelligence together in such a way that eliminates conflicts between them, leading to a safer motoring environment.”

Making cars safer is a good thing. Just hope that the systems don’t go haywire and you end up starring in your own version of The Tower, at 65 MPH. Also, good luck finding a local mechanic who has the right tools to repair a “brain-machine interface.”

Mind-reading car could drive you round the bend [The Guardian]

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