Negotiate Before You Sign To Get A Better Deal On Your Credit Card

Just like some people don’t kiss on the first date, it can be wise to hold out on a potential credit card company. Don’t give it all up, by which I mean your signature, without playing a little hard to get. Instead of replying to the credit card offer immediately or sending in that online application, call them up and negotiate and get a better deal before you hop into bed with them.’s Beverly Blair Harzog writes about how this can get you all sorts of concessions. She suggests you “explain that you’d like to become a cardholder, but you’re looking at an offer from a competitor and this other card doesn’t have an annual fee. Or maybe the other card has a lower interest rate. Ask your would-be issuer if they can waive the annual fee or beat the competitor’s interest rate.”

Having offers from several competitors in hand will help, as will having a credit score that’s 700 or above. Make them answer the question, what will they offer you in order to grab business? Convey in your attitude and voice that you will hang up if you don’t hear something interesting.

“The card issuer needs you more than you need them, and that’s why this tactic can work,” writes Harzog.

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