Don't Mistake Luxuries For Necessities

Those of us who consider ourselves poor are probably overlooking key budget items that sap money away on a monthly basis, keeping us away from important goals that seem unreachable.

Avowed minimalist Fabulously Broke in the City sets up an imaginary budget and takes a blowtorch to it, advising serious savers to devote themselves to financial goals by eliminating cell phones in favor of a single land line, cutting out restaurant trips, reducing the TV bill to basic cable and cutting internet service to the quick. Anything above such expenditures, the writer reasons, is a luxury.

She calculates that her cuts slashed $250 off the hypothetical monthly budget. Such savings could add up to unlock more from life, such as dream vacations or the ability to cut your hours at an uninspiring job to indulge your passions.

Cut everywhere, not just what you want to buy [Fabulously Broke in the City]

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