Which Companies' Policies Do You Love & Which Do You Loathe?

All commercial businesses are in it to make a dollar, but they go about it in so many different ways. Some retailers (and airlines, banks, hotels, food services, etc.) see the customer as a money sponge from which they can — and should — wring every cent through consumer-antagonizing fees and policies. And on the other end of the spectrum are companies that keep their customers happy and coming back with policies that favor the consumer.

So our friends over at Consumer Reports wanted to ask the Consumerist hive mind which specific policies you find to be the least and most friendly to consumers.

For example, a company like L.L.Bean is highly regarded for its 100% product satisfaction guarantee. Meanwhile, there’s Buy.com with its harsh policy of no returns for “oversize” TV sets, defined as any model 27 inches or larger.

Share your examples in the comments (try to be specific as possible) or shoot us an e-mail at tips@consumerist.com with “Policy Police” in the subject line.

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