USPS Stops Delivering To Building Because Of Leaky Pipe

The famous oath inscribed above the entrance to the James A. Farley Post Office Building in Manhattan reads, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” But it appears as if that unofficial postal creed doesn’t extend to leaky pipes.

Residents at an apartment building in the Bronx have had to trudge to their local post office (always a good way to spend an entire day) after mail carriers refused to continue delivering mail to the building because of a leaky pipe that has been dripping down into the mailboxes, ruining mail and rusting the mailbox unit.

The tenants put the blame on the City Housing Authority, which they say has been told about the leak but has done nothing to fix it.

“They should have got off their butts a long time ago. They knew that’s what’s going on,” one resident tells CBS 2 in NYC.

“We gotta take the bus. We gotta pay the fare. They don’t pay the fare for us,” says another tenant.

When contacted by CBS 2, the Housing Authority said the pipe would be fixed in a day or two. But the tenants were understandably skeptical after being misled by the city before.

Now CBS 2 reports that the Housing Authority said it has finished repairs on Wednesday night and that mail delivery would resume as soon as the USPS gave the new mailboxes the thumbs-up.

But as much as we understand the Postal Service’s reasons for not wanting to put mail into soggy, rusty mailboxes, someone could surely have come up with a temporary work-around while waiting for the Housing Authority to get off its rear-end.

Postal Service Stops Delivering To Bronx Building Due To Leaky Pipe! []

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