Create An Array Of Sliding Storage Bins On Your Garage Ceiling

They say that the key to organizing, especially in a small space, is to go vertical. Well you can’t go much more vertical than on top of the ceiling! That’s the idea for this DIY storage system that takes advantage of all that unused space above your head in the garage.

The Family Handyman has step by step instructions. It involves using 2×4’s to create sliding racks on the ceiling that the lids of the tubs fit into.

Here’s all the materials you would need for the project:

2×4 x 8″ 2
4′ x 8′ sheet of 3/4″ plywood 1/2
1×2 x 8′ pine stop strip 1
Carpenter’s glue 1 pint
1/4″ x 3-1/2″ lag screws and washers 16
2″ wood screws 1 box
3″ wood screws 1 box
23-1/2″ x 19-1/2″ x 13″ plastic totes 6

The version they show in their pictures shows them using opaque red bins. I think it would be better to use clear bins instead so you can see what’s inside. Since the racks are built custom to suit the tub size, you’ll want to pick a pretty common type of tub in case you ever need to replace one.

You also don’t want to put anything too heavy in the boxes, otherwise they might deform or fall down. Something that weighs too much will also be a problem when you’re putting things up and down off the ladder.

But for things like extra blankets, a place to keep your miscellaneous gadgets, or small pool toys, and other things that you don’t need to access frequently, it’s a decent idea that makes for a manageable and inexpensive weekend project.

Create a Sliding Storage System On the Garage Ceiling [The Family Handyman via Apartment Therapy]

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