PETA Sends Case Of Soy Milk To PR CEO Who Threatened To Fire Next Person Who Doesn't Replace The Milk

Today PETA sent a case of soy milk to Beckerman Public Relations CEO Keith Zakheim, who last week generated buzz for sending around an email that threatened to fire the next person in the office who finishes the milk in the staff refrigerator without replacing it. I don’t care what kind of milk people choose to drink, but tweaking aggro CEOs is funny.

“To help alleviate your office’s milk shortage, assist in your company’s stated goal of promoting employee responsibility while decreasing selfishness, and reduce animal suffering,” PETA EVP Tracy Reiman wrote in the letter that was faxed the same day the care package was sent, “PETA is sending the Beckerman Public Relations headquarters several cartons of delicious soy milk.”

PETA also appealed to Beckerman’s business sense by arguing that the health benefits of soy milk would help contain health care costs. “Fortified soy milk contains all the calcium and protein but none of the artery-clogging cholesterol and saturated animal fat found in cow’s milk,” said the letter.

Clearly, it’s a promotional ploy by PETA to get out their anti-factory farm message by hooking it on to a piece of recent news buzz, but c’est la vie. Pulling a PR stunt on a PR firm is excellent.

PR Firm CEO Threatens To Fire Next Person Who Doesn’t Replace The Milk

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