Yahoo Makes Guy Drop Fantasy Football Avatar To Access Email

Of all the ways to fail at fantasy football, one little-known possibility is to use an avatar that Yahoo would consider “vulgar, obscene or otherwise objectionable,” such as a grandmother smoking marijuana. Yahoo banned a user who used such a picture in his fantasy football account, cutting him off not only from his roster but his email as well.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Yahoo wouldn’t let him get into his email account until the reporter intervened. At the paper’s request, a Yahoo spokesperson promised to look into the matter, and the next day the man regained access to his email for 24 hours before the ban went back into effect.

The man says he’s learned his lesson and will no longer trust his or Yahoo’s photo judgment with his new account, saying “I’m not even going to risk it, I’m just going to leave it (blank).”

Problem Solver: Yahoo email, fantasy football team go to pot [Chicago Tribune via Hailmaryjane]

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