To Keep A Sponge Clean, Snip A Hole In It, Hang It On The Faucet

To keep germs and grime from building up on your sponges, you can just snip a little hole in them and slip them on the faucet. Handy dandy!

The sponge will drip-dry and grunge won’t build up, as it does when you lay it wet on the edge of the sink.

Whitson Gordon at Lifehacker got the idea for it after seeing the Robert Audroué’s circular sponge, which has a hole built into it for this express purpose. But why pay for a fancy sponge when you can do it yourself?

Another thing you can to do keep sponges clean is nuke them in the microwave for two minutes. A study published in the Journal of Environmental Health found that doing so kills 99% of all pathogens. Just make sure they’re slightly moist when you put them in, to minimize the risk of fire.

Keep Sponges from Getting Grimy with One Cut [Lifehacker]

Microwaving Sponges Kills 99% Of Pathogens

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