Sears To Make DieHard Batteries Available For Sale At Meijer

One month after Sears realized it could make more money by allowing its Craftsman tools to be sold through Costco, the retail chain has decided to allow another of its long-standing exclusive house brands to be sold by another retailer, as it has given Meijer stores the rights to sell DieHard car batteries.

According to the Chicago Tribune, this is the first time DieHard batteries will be sold by anyone other than Sears or its subsidiary Kmart.

“Now we are strategically expanding the distribution of the DieHard brand to provide access to America’s most preferred auto battery brand to more consumers when they need it,” said Chris Caruso, general managerof DieHard

Meijer, a mostly midwestern chain based out of Michigan, began selling DieHard brand portable power charges and jump charges earlier this year.

With DieHard and Craftsman now no longer exclusive to Sears, the one major house brand that remains solely available at Sears and Kmart is Kenmore.

Sears to sell DieHard batteries through Meijer [Chicago Tribune]

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