JCPenney Switches Tactics From Terrible Merchandise To Terrible Ads

JCPenney is rebounding from the recent outbreak of negative press over their “Too Pretty to Do Homework” sweatshirt for girls, with what we’re sure they thought is a good, original, funny ad geared toward men. Is it?

Well, it has Phoebe Cates in it and is all about showing a sexy girl to advertise men’s clothing, so… not really. Except for the men part. And also Phoebe is still really great, so, good job, 1982 Phoebe!

Jezebel points out the silly, nonsensical 30-second spot, that operates on the premise that you, the super cool, busy consumer, doesn’t want to watch clothing ads, but instead, sexy ladies getting out of a pool.

Phoebe climbs out of a pool on one side, a headless dude wearing clothing stands on the right. What will you remember after watching it? That you really love Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Survey says? Advertising fail!

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