Jared Sells You Ring Engraved With Someone Else's Wedding Date And Initials

When Eric got married a few weeks ago, his wife put a wedding band on his finger engraved with initials and a wedding date. Only they weren’t the initials or wedding date of Eric and his wife. The ring was engraved for another couple who got married the week before, and evidently got their rings from the same Jared store. Er, Galleria of Jewelry.

Eric writes:

I recently was married on 9/16/11. My wife and I picked out my wedding band at Jared the Galleria of Jewelry in [redacted], “He went to Jared.” I initially picked out a ring, brought it home and realized it was scratched. Then I went back, picked out a different ring and then got married a few weeks later.

The day after the wedding while finally getting to relax I looked at the inside of my ring only to see it was engraved “JM 9/10/11 RM”. Needless to say I did not have my ring engraved nor was this engraving my wedding date or my wife and I’s initials.


After returning back to Jared to complain they told me they could “buff it out”. I will never shop there again! Nothing like getting someone elses ring blessed on your wedding day!

Jared is part of he international jewelry conglomerate Signet: complaining further up the food chain might work if the manager of this particular store isn’t responsive.

And if JM or RM (who presumably live somewhere in the Northeast, where this story takes place) are reading this, and wondered where their engraved wedding band ran off to, Eric has it.

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