Best Buy, Macy's & Other Stores Announce Holiday Hiring Surges

Good news for anyone looking for a seasonal job — Best Buy, Macy’s and Toys R’ Us have all announced they’ll be hiring a few thousand extra workers for the upcoming holiday season.

In light of the bummer news that no new jobs were created in August, these new, if temporary, jobs are glad tidings. After all, someone has to face the onslaught of rabid shoppers on Black Friday, right?

CNN reports Best Buy will hire 18,000 additional workers (down, however, from 29,000 last year); Macy’s wants a whopping 78,000 and Toys ‘R Us is looking for more than 40,000 employees to chase down toys.

The seasonal uptick is welcome at a time when everyone seems to be stressing about jobs. The national unemployment rate is at 9.1%, about 14 million Americans, and 42.9% of those have been jobless for more than six months, says the government.

Best Buy to hire 18,000 workers for the holidays [CNN]

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