OnStar Scraps Plans To Track Your Car After You Quit Service

Less than a week after it was revealed that OnStar was going to change its Terms and Conditions statement to allow the service to keep tracking customers’ vehicles even after they cancel their subscription, the company has bowed to the massive negative reaction and decided to, uh, not do that.

“We realize that our proposed amendments did not satisfy our subscribers,” OnStar President Linda Marshall said in a statement about its change of course. “This is why we are leaving the decision in our customers’ hands. We listened, we responded and we hope to maintain the trust of our more than 6 million customers.”

The company says that if the company does ever decide to continue tracking cars after service cancellation, it would be an opt-in option, as opposed to the previously planned default.

OnStar had originally tried to allay concerns by saying that it would cancel the tracking at customers’ requests but that it was going ahead with the plan to changes the Terms and Conditions. Obviously, that wasn’t enough.

“We regret any confusion or concern we may have caused,” Marshall said.

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