Mercedes-Benz Repos The Car You Just Bought

Edward leased a Mercedes-Benz, only to wake up two weeks later to a tow truck taking it away. It was the repo man. And when he comes, he doesn’t leave empty-handed.

“I was very upset and tried to explain to the person that my car had been bought 2 weeks before and he would not listen,” writes Edwards. “And as I was speaking to him the police showed up and it turned in to a big scene.”

Edward’s car was taken. He had to take off work that day to spend the whole time on the phone with customer service trying to figure out what happened. “I was told that there was miscommunication with the dealership and Mercedes Benz USA,” he writes.

The dealership told him that the car would be delivered back to him but they couldn’t get around to sending someone to drop it off. Edward had to bum a ride to the dealership in order to get his car back that day.

“I am very upset and utterly disappointed with MB USA. I will never do business with either again,” writes Edward. “I will also be sure to tell everyone I can about my horrible experience.”

Looks like Mercedes-Benz really took a wrong turn. Not only did they bungle and accidentally repossess his car, they also fumbled on the customer service front. They should have been bending over backwards to help Edward out. Now they’ve burned a Mercedes-Benz customer for life and Edward is probably going to think about this horrible experience every time he gets in and drives his car. And if there are any passengers, you can be sure he’ll tell them about it too. Guess their vaunted German engineering doesn’t apply to their customer service.

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