Did FTC Spoil Its Own Surprise Announcement?


Earlier today, the Federal Trade Commission posted a media alert for a Wednesday morning press conference to announce an action against a “major marketer of consumer goods” that will result in millions of dollars in refunds being given to consumers. But while the Commission wanted to keep secret the name of this mystery major marketer, they may have given it away in the URL of the media alert.

The web page for the alert is at:

And discerning eyes noticed that the URL appears to contain the phrase “toning shoes,” leading us to theorize that the subject of the actual FTC action is a company that makes, well… toning shoes.

Our pals at Consumer Reports pressed the FTC for more, but a rep for the Commission would only say, “The company is a household name; very well known.”

Could it be Skechers? The company has come under a bit of legal fire of late regarding its Shape-Ups sneakers. Or perhaps Reebok’s EasyTone shoes?

We’re sure you all have guesses. Share them in the comments and find out tomorrow morning when the FTC makes its announcement?

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