Garden On The Go Brings Veggies To Indiana's Food Deserts

Food trucks aren’t just for cleverly named cupcakes. Indiana University has launched “Garden On The Go,” an initiative to send trucks full of fruits and vegetables for sale to Indiana’s “food deserts.” These are places where people are poor and markets with fresh veggies are frequently more than a mile away. Normally, these folks often have to get their food from gas stations, convenience stores, and restaurants.

Indiana was recently ranked the 15th fattest state. Part of the problem is that lots of the inhabitants in poor neighborhoods lack access to fruits and vegetables. “Garden on the Go” aims to help by selling fresh, organic, low-cost fruits and vegetables via a mobile truck. It stops at the same times and locations each week. Right now it’s servicing about a dozen different stops, and they’re getting constant requests to expand their operations.

Garden on the Go [Indiana University Health]

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