Doritos Creator Dies At 97, Will Be Buried With His Beloved, Finger-Staining Snack

Back in the early ’60s, Arch West not only had the name of a go-getter marketing executive, he also had a job to match as VP of marketing for Frito Co. He also had the vision to create Doritos, the snack that has filled the bellies and stained the fingers of countless nibblers across the globe. Sadly, West recently passed away at the age of 97, but he’s going out in style.

“We are tossing Doritos chips in before they put the dirt over the urn,” says West’s daughter about their plans to inter her late father’s remains. “He’ll love it.”

West is credited with taking the tortilla chips he discovered at a roadside stand in San Diego and creating the powder-coated, cheese-licious, white-clothes-ruining Doritos that now come in nearly two dozen varieties in just the U.S. alone.

We’re assuming that West’s family will be tossing original nacho cheese flavor Doritos into the burial site.

Doritos Creator Arch West Takes His Cheesy Legacy to the Grave [Kotaku]

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