Microsoft's New Blue Screen Of Death Feels Your Pain, Expresses It With Frowny Face

Anyone who has ever suddenly come face to face with the Windows Blue Screen of Death has probably never grinned at the realization that something might be terribly wrong with your computer. After many, many iterations of the the BSoD, Microsoft has decided to mirror your displeasure by adding a huge sad face emoticon to its latest version.

The new frowny face BSoD, which may be cuter but is no less of a bad sign, will be part of the upcoming, redesigned Windows 8 operating system.

Of course, even a cutesy BSoD will lose its charm when it pops up on your eigth laptop in a row.

We wonder if they’ll find a way to make the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Doom into something more visually appealing.

Over at, they have put together a slide show of screens of death throughout the ages, including the Apple grey screen of death.

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