It Could Now Cost You Over $400 To Check A Bag On Some Flights

Fees for checked bags vary wildly, from absolutely nothing to arm-and-a-leg-and-an-ear. And according to a new round-up of fees from the various carriers, you might need to throw another limb in there if you’re checking an oversize bag on your international flight.

According to USA Today, United and Continental are now charging $400 to check a bag weighing between 71 and 100 pounds on a number of international flights. American Airlines has gone even higher, charging $450 for the same size bags if you’re traveling to Asia.

Here are some other fee-related highlights:
•For first checked bags weighing less than 71 pounds, Spirit Airlines charges the most: up to $38 for domestic travel and up to $43 for international flights (though there are discounts for paying for your bags in advance).

•Fees charged for the same service vary widely. Frontier Airlines charges $50 to change an international ticket, while Delta Air Lines and United charge five times that.

•Most airlines have a charge for booking a “free” frequent-flier award ticket on the phone, and some charge fliers who do the work themselves online. US Airways has the highest “free” ticket booking fees: $55-$90 for a phone reservation and $25-$50 online.

Airline fees reach $400 mark, USA TODAY survey finds [USA Today]

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