A Best Buy Flyer From '96

A Best Buy flyer from 1996 has resurfaced and it’s full of hilarious old technology and high prices. Gotta snag me a copy of Muppet Treasure Island for $34.99!

(See the rest of the flyer here.)

Hmm.. Muppet Treasure Island might push my $1,999 166Mhz Pentium Packard Bell to the limit, so I better pick up 16 MB of RAM for $130. Afterward, I’ll go for a jog and chill out to 311’s self-titled album on my AIWA portable CD player with electronic skip protection. I picked it up for only $99.99, a steal. What’s this? Oh my $69.99 uniden 30-message pager is blowing up. It’s from my homie. He says there’s a great deal at Best Buy, a 33.6 kbps US Robotics modem for $159. I’ve been wanting to check out the chatrooms on AOL and send girls ASCII roses. Better pop into my Toyota Tercel and get there before they sell out. Man, someday someone should invent a service where you can just order this gizmos remotely and they show up at your doorstep so I don’t have to keep driving over there…

Makes you think about how we’ll be laughing in ten years about the prices we’re paying now.

Best Buy Flyer – Sept. 1996 [imgur] (Thanks to GitEmSteveDave and Johnathan!)

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