Rabid Dead Bat Discovered In Jo-Ann Fabric's Halloween Aisle

Cleanup needed, aisle three, Halloween decorations! What’s that? It’s a bat? A real, dead one? Oh, and it’s rabid. Gross, Jo-Ann Fabric. Just nasty.

Halloween creep got even creepier at a Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Store in Olympia, Wash., as health officials in the city say two customers found a dead bat in the retailer’s Halloween section that turned out to be rabid.

The customers received rabies vaccinations as a precaution, reports the Seattle Post Intelligencer.

County health officials are urging anyone who went to that store from Sept. 2 to Sept. 9 and may have touched the bat to contact authorities. Only those who came in direct contact with the bat could be affected. So if you’re not sure if you touched one, might as well play it safe, eh?

The real question here — how did a real bat get into the store, alive or dead?

Thanks to Rachael R. for the tip!

Dead bat in store’s Halloween section was rabid [Seattle Post Intelligencer]

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