I Miss Sunday Ticket Football Games, Get Refund In Sony Online Store Credit

DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket To Go is a service for football fans who can’t have or don’t want a satellite dish bolted to the side of their house. It streams Sunday afternoon out-of-market football games to computers, mobile devices, and as of this week, to the Sony Playstation 3. At $340 for the season, it’s not cheap, but football fans love it anyway. The service’s Playstation debut on Sunday didn’t work all that well for most customers, and didn’t work for Edward at all. He called for a refund, which was issued, then canceled. Instead of a refund to his credit card, he and other users will receive a store credit. For $25. To the Playstation Network store. “As if that is somehow comparable!” he fumed to Consumerist.

Over the weekend, I had ordered DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket through the Playstation 3. It didn’t work, at all, so I called and (after waiting for 4 hours) finally got them to issue a refund to my credit card.

Today I got an email letting me know that my refund had been cancelled, without my being notified or consulted, and instead I was to be issued a $25 waiver *to Sony’s online store*! As if that is somehow comparable!

I called them to ask for my actual, full refund and I’ve now been told that I cannot receive a full refund. Apparently I’m at the mercy of Sony to determine whether it’s okay for them to take my money and NOT provide me the services I paid for and when they don’t provide the service, it’s apparently okay to refund me in Monopoly Money.

This is the last time I will ever give another dollar to either DirecTV or Sony and I don’t think that it’s right that there’s apparently nothing I can do about this.

NFL Sunday Ticket on PlayStation 3: Early fumble [CNET]

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