Get $3.99 In Oprah Free KFC Coupon Debacle Lawsuit

Two years ago, Oprah promoted on her show a KFC coupon for a free grilled chicken meal. Now the class action lawsuit the resulted after that ended in tears has settled.

Things went wrong because the promotion was open to the entire internet, went viral and KFC had to shut the promotion down because they didn’t expect that many people to download the coupons. Due to the high volume, franchises refused to honor the coupons, leading to some ticked off customers at the KFC counters.

As a result of the $1.575 million settlement, if you can send in your original coupons, you get $3.99 per, up to max of $15.96 per household. If you can only send in PDFs, you get $2 each, up to $8. If all you do is send in the claim form, you get $1 for each coupon you had, up to $4.

Yippie. That’s the taste of KFJ, Kentucky Fried Justice.

couponmarketinglitigation [Settlement Website] (Thanks to RandomHookup!)

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