Lawsuit Calls Infamous KFC Chicken Giveaway A "Bait And Switch" is reporting that chicken lovers have become disillusioned with KFC and are suing over the Oprah-endorsed Kentucky Grilled Chicken giveaway that went so horribly wrong last month.

According to TMZ, the lawsuit alleges that the giveaway was a “scam to deceive its customers into spending more dough.”

From TMZ:

The suit says this “bait and switch” caused customers to incur “travel costs, paper and printing costs, postage, the money they spent on other food items at KFC on visits when they had intended to redeem the Coupon … and the loss of the value of the promised Meal.”

What do you think? Are you angry enough at KFC’s lack of planning to sue them?

Customers: KFC Giveaway Clucked Up Our Lives [TMZ] (Thanks, J!)

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