Why Does Comcast Keep Telling People My Sister In Oregon Is A TV Repair Business In New England?

Jack’s sister was recently assigned a new phone number after moving to a different area. That’s not unusual. What is unusual is that she keeps receiving phone calls from people in New England looking for a nonexistent TV repair service.

Around the beginning of this year my sister moved to a new apartment. Because her new address is in an area served by a different phone company (she has a landline phone) she had to give up the number she’d had for many years and was given a new one.

Now to the weird part: Since March she has received occasional calls from people who thought they were calling “Norton TV & Repair.” She lives in OR but these calls were mainly from the New England area, with a few from the eastern US as well. She has told the callers that they have reached a wrong number that is located in OR and when she has asked them why they called her number they’ve all said that they were given it by Comcast.

The big question, of course, is why Comcast is giving its customers the name and phone number, wrong though it is, of a TV repair shop? More importantly, how can she get them to stop passing on this incorrect information? She has talked with the local Comcast people (she is a Comcast cable customer) but they claim that they can do nothing about this problem.

I’ve looked around on Google but haven’t been able to find a “Norton TV & Repair.” . Also, since my sister is in Area Code 503 I tried doing reverse directory lookups on her number but changing the first digit of the area code and had no luck there, either.

Any suggestions?

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