How To Get By When You Run Out Of Funds

Thanks to the volatile job market, many people are only a missed paycheck or two away from a financial emergency. Stockpiling a massive reserve fund isn’t an option for everyone, so it makes sense to develop a contingency plan for a monetary worst-case scenario.

MainStreet offers some advice:

*Lower your employment standards. If you lose your job and can stick around in your industry as a part-timer or freelancer, the opening might lead to more lucrative employment down the line.

*Search for income in places you never looked before. Selling items to scrape up enough cash to get by may be a viable alternative to credit cards. Amassing high-interest debt could come back to haunt you.

*Talk to a financial planner. It could be valuable to streamline your expenses and get a fix on your financial master plan.

What to Do When You Run Out of Money [MainStreet]

(Thanks, Kali!)

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