Pizza Flyer Stuck In Door 5 Inches Above "No Soliciting" Sticker

SJ has been battling door-to-door salesmen and flyer stuffers in his neighborhood for years. After getting fed up, the block held a powwow and everyone decided to get “No Soliciting” stickers to put on the doors. Yet the flyers still keep cropping up. Here is a recent picture SJ took of his door, with a flyer for “Shiraz Pizza” stuffed in it, right above the “No Soliciting” sticker. He diagrammed and labeled it to make it easier to understand, and sent it to the pizza parlor along with a complaint letter.

The letter isn’t exactly from the “kill ’em with kindness” school, but I imagine it will get the manager’s attention, assuming that they can read better than their employees.

One piece of constructive criticism is that I think the stickers would be more effective if they said “No flyers,” written out horizontally, and were placed at eye level.

Also, it’s hard to really complain on the basis of “lack of respect” if you’re not willing to give it yourself.


A rant on unsolicited door to door selling… [Terrible Renters]

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