Denny's 1,690-Calorie Sandwich Tops Beef Patty With Mac & Cheese

If you’ve always been annoyed at how difficult it is to wedge bites of a patty melt and macaroni and cheese into your mouth at the same time, Denny’s pants-splitting Mac ‘N Cheese Big Daddy Patty Melt is your sandwich.

Eater reports the monstrosity packs a diet-destroying 1,690 calories, thanks to toppings that also include melted Cheddar and “zesty Frisco sauce.” The sandwich is a part of Denny’s new, temporary “Let’s Get Cheesy!” menu.

If that’s not enough cheese for you, you can opt to order the meal with “extra ooze.” And you can substitute all side dishes for mac and cheese.

Denny’s Mac ‘n Cheese Patty Melt Rocks 1690 Cheesy Calories [Eater]

(Thanks, Matt!)

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