Woman Finds She Now Has $180 iWood Instead Of iPad

Beware, South Carolinians looking for a good deal on an iPad in a parking lot! Don’t fall for the trick one woman succumbed to and purchase a block of wood instead of an Apple tablet!.

The Smoking Gun (via Gawker) reports on the incident, where a woman met two men in a McDonald’s parking lot — obviously the best place to buy black market electronics — and was duped into purchasing what turned out to be “a piece of wood painted black with an Apple logo.”

The Spartanburg cops reported that the 22-year-old woman says she was told that the men had bought a bunch of the devices in bulk and were practically giving them away at $300 a pop. They were willing to accept all the cash she had, which was only $180.

Once she opened her FedEx box, ready to play with her ill-gotten gains, she found out it was a piece of wood, with a replica iPad icons on it and a Best Buy promotion, and was framed in black tape.

Officials are now looking for the perpetrators, noting that one of the bad guys has a gold tooth, and could be driving a white Impala with no rims and no tint.


Cops On The Hunt For Duplicitous iPlank Scammers [The Smoking Gun]

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