Sprint Raising ETF To $350 For Smartphones & Tablets

While Sprint hasn’t yet joined AT&T and Verizon Wireless in switching from unlimited data plans to tiered pricing, the company has announced it will soon jack up the cost of cancelling your smartphone contract to match the early termination fees charged by these competitors.

Sprint currently charges a $200 ETF, but in an e-mail to PhoneScoop, it confirms:

Beginning September 9, Sprint is introducing a new pro-rated policy for ETFs for customers purchasing advanced devices such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks and netbooks. Customers with these advanced devices will be subject to a $350 ETF, which will be pro-rated based on the number of months remaining, should they decide to cancel service before the end of their service agreement.

Could the sudden increase in ETF give credence to reports that Sprint will soon be offering the iPhone? If the company expects a swarm of new and converted customers who want the Apple device and unlimited data, it may also be looking to lock them into contracts they have an incentive to fulfill.

We would ask Sprint for comment on this, but Sprint HQ recent edict from Sprint HQ forbidding staffers from commenting on iPhone rumors, even to their friends and family.

Sprint Confirms $350 ETF Change [PhoneScoop.com via Engadget]

Thanks to Joe for the tip!

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