I Would Like To Use My Year-Old Electrolux Stove To Cook Some Meals

Electrolux seems to think that Bridgette wants something completely unreasonable. What she would like is for her sleek stainless steel Electrolux range, an induction stove and oven that she paid more than $3,300 for less than a year ago, to heat up and cook food on a regular basis. It doesn’t. The burners stop working, for weeks on end, seemingly at random. She didn’t drop more than three grand on a stove so she could end up using a hot plate in her own home.

Bridgette could make a case for a new stove under the federal Lemon Law. None of the four repair services she’s called to solve the same issue have been able to make an actual repair due to unavailable parts, or metaphorical roadblocks put in place by Electrolux. It sounds like this stove exists in a special zone where all appliance repair people are utterly incompetent, or the company is trying to run out the clock on her warranty.

She sent a certified letter to the CEO about her situation, but has received no response. She writes:

…I purchased my range in November 2010. It was delivered and installed 11 days later. 3 weeks later one of the lights in the oven burned out. No big deal. Between Christmas and New Year the two right burners quit working. I called Electrolux. Customer service gave me the names of three authorized service companies. The first one I called was [Repair Service #1]. I talked with them, I had my account number from Electrolux, she said that she would discuss with the service person and call me back. that call never came. I left repeated messages. Again, my problem.

I called the next company on my list, [Repair Service #2]. In the meantime the 2 right hand burners began working again. [Repair Service #2] came out and opened the oven nothing else. I wanted him to open the top, because I feared a short and this range could be a fire hazard. He refused. He felt that NOTHING should be done because the range top was working. [Repair Service #2] then billed Electrolux for a service call, the repairman stated he had “adjusted” the burners. This is fraud as far as I’m concerned. But your customer service rep. seemed not to care.

I have talked with countless customer rep. @ Electrolux. I consider them worthless. The two right hand burners have quit working 5 more times. It takes from 5 days to a week before they work again. But yesterday all four burners quit working.

After [Repair Service #2] came out…I moved on to [Repair Service #3]. Nice guy, ordered parts to repair the range. Parts arrived.. called them to install and was told Electrolux said they could not install the parts. I was also told by the repairman that once you open the range top it is very difficult to put back together. More difficult calls with your customer service reps.

Next, [Repair Service #4] was called [again] by the customer service rep. and lo and behold she answered the phone. They made a service call in the evening. He looked at the parts and said one more part was needed. So he ordered it. The part arrived. Before I had a chance to call him all four burners stopped working.

I do not want this range repaired. I want a new one. MY RANGE IS DEFECTIVE. I paid over $3,300.00 for this range. This was supposed to be my stove of a lifetime. It’s great when it works. Call me crazy, but I want a range that will work continually for many years.

Just for a moment put yourself in my shoes. You buy a new expensive product and within weeks you begin to experience problems. Customer service is polite but really not helpful. Their job is to to keep things slow so your warranty runs out.

I have been told that flat out Electrolux does not replace appliances. I am a 58 single woman who loves to cook and entertain. This range was a major purchase for me. I feel I am being given the “run around”. It’s too bad that Electrolux does not stand behind its products.

I will continue my quest for a new range. I will not give up.

This isn’t the best consumer complaint letter we’ve seen, but her experiences are well documented and laid out chronologically. Copies of repair paperwork might have been useful for the copy sent to Electrolux, as well.

Here’s where to go next: small claims court. It’s inexpensive, easy, and effective. First, Bridgette needs tp locate the registered agent for Electrolux in her state. Then, follow this handy guide.

Let’s hope there are plenty of hot meals for Bridgette ahead.

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