Before Suing A Company In Small Claims, Look Up The "Registered Agent"

Suing a company in small claims court is fun and easy and oftentimes the company won’t even try to fight back. One thing you want to make sure to remember though is to look up the company’s “registered agent” in the state where you are filing. If you don’t serve this person with notice of the case, it could result in a dismissal.

To find a company’s registered agent (RA), you can call up your secretary of state’s office, and or you can find the information online. It only costs a small fee to have the sheriff’s office deliver the notice and then you’re well on your way to fighting back with gusto. Also, as commenter rbf2000 points out, you should also check with the RA before sending the sheriff over to make sure that the RA you found in the database is still the current RA.

He beat back bank fees in small claims court [The Red Tape Chronicles]

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